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Ratchet & Clank Logo Collection

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logo-collectionFortunately, I don’t really care what people think. Because…well…this appears to be a complete waste of time. However, upon final inspection, I quite like it, and that’s all that friggin’ matters…got it? Well, since I started going through Ratchet & Clank HD this past week, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game. Getting all the gold bolts, skill points, weapons, etc. has been a cool challenge and a nice memory (unlike that THPSHD DLC) Anyhoo, it’s been a lot of fun and so I had that stupid inspiration to collect every R&C logo from every game. I was surprised to find so many!!! I compiled all the Japanese releases, one French and another Spanish and tossed in all the alternate European titles. It’s absurd…and that’s why I love it. Head over to my main site for the complete collection of R&C logos. Just be prepared for it to be a waste of your time. A good waste.

DoDon Pachi: Dai-Fukkatsu…Soon!

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Lots of posts today, catching up…

So, I’m waiting on DoDon Pachi: Dai-Fukkatsu. It should be here any day now. It was released in May of 2008 and I’ve been waiting ever since. While I have low expectations (It’ll never match DDP:DOJ, let’s face it), I don’t care. It’s DDP. More when I get it!

Edit: Still waiting!!!

Edit: STILL WAITING!!! (shipped the 5th)

Skyrim Logo

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Just because it’s awesome…



And…Just because she’s gone…forever. :(

Lydia...I'm still sad.

Lydia...I'm still sad...