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Lydia, I’ve Moved On

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The pain of your loss was great. But I’ve fared well since losing you in Cragswallow Slope. In the months that followed, I’ve slain many a dragon, multiple pyromancers, and actually did a few missions! My trusty follower Anneke Crag-Jumper has been faithful and as useful in battle as you, Lydia. I know you would be happy that I’ve moved on. While I shan’t forget you, it is for the best. Your body is no longer laying face down in the brush. And I’ve moved on. Goodbye, Lydia.

Lydia No!

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Ah, this is funny stuff. I figured my Lydia posts were done; she is dead after all.

Dear Lydia…

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Sorry Lydia...

Dear Lydia,

I am so sorry. Losing you was dreadful. I didn’t even know you had died.

I met Uthgerd the Unbroken. I only asked her to follow me to see if you were gone. She died in Cragwallow Slope. It wasn’t a particularly sad moment; that Bandit Marauder was a tough enemy.

But then I met Annekke Crag-Jumper. I don’t know…she’s not bad. She’s blonde, but she’s nowhere near as awesome as you. However, The Elder Scrolls Wiki tells me she has the same voice as you. I suppose I’ll hang out with her for a while. She’s married, so there are no real worries, but I’m also told I could never wed you anyways.

One day I’ll get over your loss. Today is not that day.

Skyrim Logo

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Just because it’s awesome…



And…Just because she’s gone…forever. :(

Lydia...I'm still sad.

Lydia...I'm still sad...

Skyrim: Lydia…Nooo!!!

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I’m countless hours into Skyrim. I leave Cragswallow Slope. I journey farther, encounter a dragon, begin the fight and…Where’s Lydia?

I backtrack. I look around. Reload old saves…she’s gone. What has happened?

You know where this is going.


My Beloved Lydia!!!

The only thing that makes me feel better is the fact that I’m not the only one who rues the loss of our dear Lydia. Skyrim will never be the same without her! Poor Lydia, why did you have to leave me?! (oh right, I accidentally killed you.)